Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jerry Mataparae is the Wrong Man to be Governor-General

A bit of a worry, really, having this man as Governor-General. I suspected, when Mataparae was made director of GCSB (the government spy agency, effectively, under the ANZUS treaty, a proxy for U.S. intelligence gathering) after retiring as head of the armed forces that this was a man who's ideology was absolutely compatible, although possibly not complicit, with John Key's vision of hegemony to the interests of financial elite of which Key himself is an agent and cadet member, and that has already completely captured the U.S. body politic. Mataparae has already shown lack of understanding of the requirements for the position as demonstrated by his breach of protocol with his comments regarding Nicky Hagar's allegations concerning the role of NZ forces in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Despite my personal leanings towards devolved autonomy for individuals and communities I have always held a candle for the constitutional monarchy and particularly the role of the Governor-General, as the legal commander-in-chief of the armed forces, police and so-on, as an insurance against the siezure of power by a political faction. Despite the fact that these powers are, by convention, never used they are nevertheless very real and pertinent in times of constitutional crisis. It seems that the present political faction have managed to foist "their man" into the position at just such a critical time. I believe that during the next five years, we will see some kind of "end game" played out and the last thing we need is a Governor-General who is a poodle of the cabal that seeks to destroy the sovereignty of the crown as representative and guardian of the common-wealth of the people.

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