Monday, June 27, 2011

German E.coli Outbreak a Bio-weapon Attack on Organic Farming?

 A current article from the Institute of Science in Society postulates that strain of  bacteria responsible for the recent outbreak of E.coli in Germany could have originated from genetic engineering or horizontal gene transfer.
 Very circumspect of David Tribe to speculate that the bacteria was not genetically engineered as a "bioweapon". Of course, even if it was, it does no credit to anyone (at present) to rave on about it publicly as it allows "mainstream" to then dismiss those concerned with the issue as "conspiracy theory nutters".
 Nevertheless, it still seems amazing how so many of the "right" characteristics from so many diverse sources for a dangerous and antibiotic resistant pathogen should all turn up in the same package. Also, do you not find it strange how this just happens to turn up in organic produce?  Is it just possible that this is intended to be used as a "trojan horse" for an attack on the organic sector because their produce is grown using animal manures, allegedly a potential source of E.coli?
After all is it not a fact that a while ago a bill was proposed in the U.S., apparently the impetus for which emanated from "Monsanto friendly" members of the house of representatives, that would have effectively made the use of animal manures illegal on "public health grounds"? No doubt that particular attack on the organic sector being a part of their ongoing "dirty tricks" campaign for global domination of the food supply. Could there not be a connection?

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