Friday, January 14, 2011

The TPPA is a Traitors Gambit

In reply to   Media Release: Professor Jane Kelsey . Friday, 10 December 2010

“The negotiators themselves say this is not an ordinary free trade agreement."
 “ why are they scared to release the draft text and open it to scrutiny?”

 Absolutely this is not even a free trade agreement or even a treaty in the normal sense as has been understood since the middle ages. The TPPA  promoting itself as a free trade agreement whilst shrouding itself in secrecy is essentially like a pirate ship of old flying a false flag in order to engage its intended victim by deception, that is to say  to secure a binding agreement behind the backs of the citizens of sovereign nations.

 It would not even be true to say this is about the Americans trying to pull a fast one on smaller nations. Essentially the agreement is designed to make international capital the sovereign power within nations with precedence over the elected assemblies that are presently considered to be sovereign. The incumbent leadership of the nations involved are attempting to tie the hands of future generations of elected representatives who may choose to make decisions based on their "national interest" rather than the interest of the worlds elite.

 Arguably, the financial elite see the writing on the wall for the future of their ability to dominate the worlds economic activity. As the global financial bubble deflates, as it is doing right now and will continue to do so at an accellerating pace over the next few years, future governments and communities will need to pursue initiatives of relocalisation that will severely reduce the elites ability to make profit through trade, commerce and industry. The elites plan for the future is to use their present wealth (before it deflates to nothing in the financial meltdown) to capture resources (such as land, water, minerals) and enforce intellectual property rights so as to maintain their wealth and position through "rents" (In the economic sense of the word).

 The TPPA agreement is a "traitors gambit " and should be exposed as such at every possible occasion. John Key, (through his connection to Merrell Lynch an obvious croney of the financial elite)  had to climb down over the Crafar Farms sellout and even coined the populist slogan "Tenants in our own Country", but  as usual the fuzzy glow of that climbdown will be used to blur the greater evil of this TPPA  treachery.


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